March 21st – Pedagogical Demonstration by Adam Wibrowski at Kyobun Sho Hall


3月21日(月・祝)10:00 - 13:00

聴講無料 受講2000円 Audience free / participant 2,000 yen


10時〜13時 ヴィブロウスキー教授によるワンポイントレッスン

March 21st, 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Adam Wibrowski will give a series of short, 20 minute long, pedagogical demonstration classes. Students of any level may sign up for this short class. The student will first play a short piece of music and then receive feedback and advice from Professor Wibrowski. This is a 'public' class, meaning the audience can listen to the advice. An incredibly invaluable class for any budding musician. Students must sign up in advance with Shibata Sensei using the contact information below.


  • 教文プレイガイド011-271-3355 大丸藤井プレイガイド011-221-3900

  • 道新プレイガイド011-241-3871 デュオプレイガイド011-890-2556  

■お問い合わせ:フィロス事務局  ☎ 011-892-2493 


■主催・企画:ピアノ研究グループ フィロス/《ノアンのショパン》協会日本支部 ■後援:札幌市/Chopin á Nohant パリ本部/フィロス後援会

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